May 15 Property Tax Protest Deadline

May 15 Property Tax Protest Deadline

Time once again to deal with the rigged, ridiculous, unfair, idiotic, defective, faulty and broken state property tax system.  Property Tax Central 2018 is open for business. Each year, I look for a new way to fight an unfair system and keep tax bills low. The Watchdog has news to share and a new method you can use to combat your proposed taxable value increases.   First, the big news.  The deadline to file a protest has changed. THIS IS IMPORTANT. In the past, the deadline for most property owners was the end of May. Now it’s May 15 — or 30 days after the tax notice is delivered, whichever is later.  File your protest notice BEFORE May 15.

Paying attention to your property tax

It took me years to figure out this sucker’s game. As a longtime Texas homeowner, I didn’t understand how to protest. I didn’t know that the number they throw at you as your home’s taxable value is only a start in negotiations, not the end game. Because my property tax was automatically deducted along with my mortgage payment, I didn’t feel the pain. I didn’t think about how the tax appraiser never saw the inside of my home to learn of its condition, which could have lowered its value. I didn’t consider that home sale prices in Texas are not publicly listed, making the tax system based on estimates, rather than facts.

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