5 Surprises About Fixing a Flooded Home

5 Surprises About Fixing a Flooded Home

Hurricane Harvey is still going strong, with torrential rains expected to pummel Texas well into Wednesday. So far, the storm has taken 14 lives, left countless more injured or homeless, and has everyone wondering: What will it take to repair the damage and devastation that Harvey has left in its wake?

While cleanup efforts can’t really get under way until the storm has passed, remediation companies in the surrounding areas are poised to spring into action once the flood waters have receded. Only what, exactly, will these companies do? To fill you in, here are a few surprising facts about fixing a flooded home.

1. A flooded home can be fixed

Despite what you might think, a flooded home can be saved rather than razed to the ground, but removing the moisture quickly is key. “The biggest thing is getting in there and getting it cleaned up quickly,” says Robyn Kent, claims administrator at Dalworth Restoration, based in Euless, TX. “Closer to the three- to five-day mark is when it becomes questionable, since by then, all the materials have become fragile.”

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