5 reasons to buy a home in the offseason

5 reasons to buy a home in the offseason

Buyers should never rush into a major purchase just to shave off some extra digits

Spring and summer may be the prime time to purchase real estate, but if your clients are looking for a better deal, they might want to look into buying their future home during the offseason. Although there may be more choices available from May through August, it is often wise to wait until fall approaches to take action. Here are five smart reasons buying a house during the fall and winter seasons can be a great move for a savvy homebuyer: It’s cheaper   There’s typically less competition during the offseason, which means buyers can get more bang for their buck. About 40 percent of homes on average are sold in May, June, July and August, according to The Housing Wire. Research from Zillow shows that those who buy a home during the peak selling point usually pay an average premium of $1,500, but those who purchase homes in, say, December paid $3,100 less than average. The four months with the lightest sales are November through February, which means less competitio…

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