Why 2017 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes Is Best Home Tour in Dallas

Why 2017 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes Is Best Home Tour in Dallas

I have gone on tours, organized tours and had my own house on tour.  After dozens of tours, I was over tours, until AIA Dallas initiated their tour of architect-designed homes.  While there are still many good tours like the upcoming tour of Frank Welch-designed homes, the AIA Dallas tour of homes designed by Dallas architects is the one tour I go on each year and recommend to anyone interested in Dallas neighborhoods, Dallas real estate and Dallas architecture.  With a Premiere Party ticket you can see on October 26th the renovation design of architect Dan Shipley at the Highland Park home originally designed by Scott Lyons. With a tour ticket you can see seven houses designed by several of Dallas’ finest architects on the weekend of October 28th and 29th.

Dallas AIA Home Tour Introduces Architects

Many architects may have a substantial body of work, but most people have never seen their work.  The AIA Dallas Tour of Homes is a chance for one to be introduced to the work of a specific architect or see the new work of an architect one is already following.  Also, the architect is often present at the home they designed that is on tour.  This gives you an opportunity to exchange ideas about their work and ask any questions about the house they designed.  The architects always learn from the questions and insights from those attending the tour.

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