10 Surprising Cities Where Bidding Wars Are Booming

10 Surprising Cities Where Bidding Wars Are Booming

After spending a few fraught months searching for a home, Mary Thornton, 30, and her partner found a cute, two-bedroom house in Tacoma, WA, in February. The smartly laid-out 800-square feet home was about an hour’s train ride away from Thornton’s job as a sign language interpreter in Seattle and even had outdoor garden space. Eager to not let this one slip through their fingers, the couple bid $25,000 over the $190,000 listing price—and waited anxiously.

Unfortunately, it was yet another crushing disappointment. They lost their fourth bidding war in just two months.

“I’ve had moments of feeling defeated and feeling it impossible [to close on a home,]” Thornton says. “We’ve seen [so many] slip away after having made offers on them.” (After winding up on the losing side of three morebidding wars, they were able to close on a $200,000 home last month.)

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